• MSc Candidate Geohydrology
  • B.Sc (Hons) Geohydrology
  • B.Sc Geology

Mutshidzi Munyai is a proficient person who holds a geology degree as well as a Geohydrology honours degree, Currently pursuing Geohydrology master’s degree. She is equipped with relevant knowledge and skills to resolve geological as well as hydrogeological scientific queries. She has knowledge of soil science, geological mapping and scientific interpretation acquired from the degree in geology (University of Pretoria), water sampling and data analysis as well as writing comprehensive interpretation of results acquired from an honours degree in Geohydrology (University of the Free State).

Mutshidzi Munyai has actively been involved in a number of projects within Singo consulting (Pty) Ltd related to hydrogeology, soil science, rehabilitation, waste management and geology. Some of her main responsibilities include but not limited to conducting groundwater modelling, water sampling and producing diagnostic plots for interpretation using specialized softwares. She has been involved in mining water management and analysis of geohydrology of different project areas.

At Singo Consulting, one of the main responsibilities conducted by her is applications of water use licenses for mining residential projects as well as for industrial projects such as filling stations. Some of the reports that she conducts are Hydrogeological, soil, geotechnical, hydropedological, geochemical and Integrated and wastewater management plan (IWWMP) reports.